Elevate- Bird’s Eye View- Cobweb Release Their Brand New Music Video

Legendary band Cobweb have finally released the music video of their long awaited song Elevate. Released officially on the 7th Feb night at Purple Haze Rock Bar the English lyrics song has got some head banging riffs and impressive solo.

“Is reality what we choose to see and how we perceive it at a given point in time? Imagine three people traveling on a plane…a kid…an adolescent…and an elderly…they will share the same physical sight of the world…but how will they process it? What do we fear the most? Is it death or is it the fear of being forgotten? When we propagate our lineage. Is it a selfless purpose or is it to leave a mark behind? Do we truly let our children grow or do we hold a leash tied between the two poles of our egoism and fear? Where do the lines blur?”, quotes the band


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