Eleena Chauhan and Bhim Bista release a new song “Chhekera Maya Chhekinna”

The duo Bhim Bista and Eleena Chauhan have released a new song once again on September 3. The song is called “Chhekera Maya Chhekinna” for which Dinesh Thapaliya has penned the lyrics. Similarly, Bhim Bista has composed the music for it and Narendra Biyogi has arranged it. In a similar way, Shyamshwet Rasaily has done the mixing and the mastering. On the musical instruments, Ratna Bishwokarma has played the flute and Sanjeev Baraily has played the guitar and the banjo. The song is recorded by Kiran Bishwokarma at Prism Studio.

Bhim Bista and Eleena Chauhan are seen together in many songs. The duo had recently released a song called “Pani Padhero”. Before this, “Dhoka Diyo Height Le”, “Mineral Water” and “Behulo Banera” also feature their voices.

Chauhan started her music career by singing covers of famous Nepali songs like “Insta Ko Photo (Reply Version)”, “Timro Maya Le Badhera Rakha” and “Sagar Baru Sukera Gai Jala”.

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