Dibesh Pokharel Has The Judges Begging For More With His Second Performance in American Idol

Dibesh Pokharel has the judges begging for more!

The 18th season of American Idol began premiering since the 16th of February, 2020. Dibesh, a Kathmandu based singer/song-writer also known on stage by the name Arthur Gunn, got into the limelight after his audition video went viral all over the country as well as overseas a month ago. Judges were very much impressed by his singing abilities and his raspy voice. Luke Bryan, one of the judges had even asked Dibesh to open for him in his Detroit concert.

And after a month of his first audition, Dibesh  rocked the stage once again with the judges and the audiences begging for more.  Judges were amazed and pretty much speechless , so much so that Bryan even throwed his evaluation sheet up in the air. “You know who he reminds me of? He reminds me of Bob Marely. The spirit that came off of that stage. Oh my God!” exclaims Lionel Richie.

Have a look at it for yourself the young Nepali rising star singing Hard To Handle as his second performance in the 2020 American Idol:

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