Cringe-Pop: Why music and lyrics doesn’t define a song?

The many styles of music were introduced over a period of time. From prehistoric music, passing through classical music, we have arrived at 20th and 21st music now. In the 20th century, we saw a great advancement in genres like country, blues, rock, jazz and pop. Each genre had different styles, instruments and importance in the society.

Unlike those songs, a new genre “Cringe Pop” was introduced somewhere in 2011 that took the internet by storm. It was Rebecca Black’s Friday song that supposedly gave birth to this genre. As the name suggests, the songs of the genre are so bad in both music and music videos that you cannot stop listening to them in disgust. The songs are made in such a way that it catches everyone attention irrespective of its composition.

Let’s discuss Friday, or the week song, or the song for the kids who don’t know the days of the week. Although, she left the three days of the week.

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today it is Friday, Friday (partyin’)

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards

Likewise, her constant repetition of “fun, fun, fun, fun” and “partyin’, partyin'”, “yeah”, etc. won’t let you sleep well.

Although Black was the pioneer of this genre, many other cringe popstars made their way in this genre. Dhinchak Pooja, who followed the same path, released a song Selfie Maine Leli Aaj, which became infamous in the music history and holds 43M views till today. This popularity inspired her to produce other songs like Daru, Dilon Ka Scooter, Naach Ke Pagal, Hoga Na Corona, etc.

To extend the list of these abysmal singers of the genre, it needs the mentioning of Taher Shah for his “Angel” song, Vennu Mallesh for “It’s My Life”, Omprakash Rap King (A Moment of Laugh) for his “Aunty Ki Ghanti”, Bhim Niroula for his “Sunday Morning Love You” and Jacintha Morris for her “Suzzaine is a Sinner”.

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