Buddha Lama, one of the versatile singer who sings various genre songs very easily. Buddha Lama has already proved himself as one of a great singer with good personality, beautiful voice and good performance. As a result he is still performing in Nepal Idol as well as gaining more and more votes from public.

Music reality show Nepal Idol is getting more exciting and popular. After a great controversy Nepal Idol program has been popular among Nepalese all around the nation. Now the people already have their top 6 contestant and yesterday there was performance of top 6 contestant.

All the top 6 contestants have to perform solo yesterday and yesterday’s episode was a tribute episode to Legend singer Narayan Gopal Guruwacharya. And also the lyrics and Kali Prasad Rijal was invited as a special guest.

Here in the video we can see a commendable  performance of him. Buddha has performed very well in this episode and his singing was heart touching. He sang ‘Kasari Ma Bhulen’ originally sang by Narayan Gopal. Enjoy..!!!!