Bachchu Kailash is the legendary singer, composer and lyricist of Nepali music. He was born on Shawan 15, 1995 B.S. (30th July 1938) in Sapatel, Chhorumbu VDC, Khotang. When he was five years old, he was already deep into music. Music used to cheer him up but his maternal aunt and uncle and other relatives never appreciated it. Nevertheless, he persisted in his musical pursuits.

As a young teenager, he was extremely popular among friends due to his singing and later while studying in eighth grade, he went to Radio Nepal and sang “Nirash Nahou Sathi, Aansu Aansumai Dubeko Chha Jiwan, Nadarau Sathi” which composed and written by him. His performance that day became popular among the public and virtuoso Master Ratna Das Prakash, after listening to the song, became a fan and started looking for him.

He sang many memorable hit songs with the likes of “Kalpanako Gagan Muskuraune Chandra Banana”, “Tadha Tadha Janu Chha Sathi Ekpher Hansideu”, “Juneli Ratma Dil Kholi Dohori Gauna Man Lagyo”, “Yo Ho Geet Timilai,Yo Ho Preet Timilai”, “Tyo Aankhale Lau Na Malai Maryo”, “Timile Ta Haina Timra Bhakaharule” to name a few.

He presented virtuoso with his songwriting skills in which his lyrics often provoked a subject from a different perspective and highly poetic form adding with his unique tenor voice made him highly popular. Nepali people around the world adore his voice and songs.

Here is one of the best songs of Bachuchu Kailash “Timile Ta Haina Timra Bhakaharule..” music composed by Natikaji, and lyrics by Kshetra Pratap Adhikary. Enjoy it…!!!

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