Most Loved Contestant Of Nepal Idol Season 1, Sagar Ale Magar received a Youtube silver play button achieving yet another milestone in his ever-growing career. The singer uploaded a video on his official account to share the good news with his fans as well as thanking them for supporting him. His statement reads: Namaste! and thanks […]

Hard rock legends Aerosmith, Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (lead guitar), Brad Whitford (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), and Joey Kramer (drums) have announced details of a tour across the UK and Europe in 2020. They have sold more than 150 million albums worldwide in their five decades since forming. The band will play a total of 14 […]

If you are eager to learn to play guitar, it is necessary that you own a guitar. Buying a guitar is an excellent proposition. You go to the store and have a world of possibilities, a store tantalizing with choices. Every guitar hung on the wall seem to scream, “Pick me! Pick me!”. What should […]

System of a Down’s ‘Chop Suey!’ Hits One Billion Views on YouTube It’s certainly no surprise — “Chop Suey!” has been a System of a Down staple song since it dropped as the first single from the band’s 2001 masterpiece, Toxicity. It immediately made a huge impact on rock radio and earned the band a […]

The new song by Prakash Saput and Anita Chalaune, “Phuteka Chura” is trending second on YouTube. Saput released the song through his official YouTube channel on November 30. The song has already collected more than 1.4 million views and has been rising on the trending list. Talking about the song, Saput has also written the […]

Brijesh Shrestha, who is also the owner of Ness Studio is commonly known for his different varieties of the song. He initially started out his musical journey as a cover artist and he is able to connect with the masses through his unique style and presentation. Every new release of his like Oh Maicha, Dalli, Kich Kich, Bhangeri, etc […]

Narayan Gopal Music Trust situated at the residence of Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal has always been organizing events on his memorial day. Narayan Gopal entitled to “Tragedy King” has hundred of evergreen songs, especially love songs, by his name. He was one of the perfectionist singers of Nepal who always sang songs worth singing. The […]

After inspiring tons of Freestyle musicians and gathering a hell lot of energy from Hip-hop fans.  Mero Mazzako Karyalaya is all set to organize another season of the one of a kind e-rap battle “Sabda Sangram“. “Sabda Sangram” is the brainchild of musician/producer Mr. Subash Rajopadhya aka KTM Souljah and media-person Nita Pradhananga, aimed to […]

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