The Voice Of Nepal Season 3 contestant, Govin Poon is not just an aspiring singer but also a man with a golden heart proved by the video he shared yesterday on his Facebook handle. The video was of December 2020. In the video, he was seen singing different songs on his guitar in his residence […]

Facebook has officially launched Clubhouse feature like live audio rooms and podcasts and competes with Clubhouse. After the success of Clubhouse, Facebook decided to come up with this Clubhouse alike feature. Facebook initiated its new feature first in the US and is only available to the public figures and select Facebook groups of US. The […]

Janet D’Addario, co-founder of one of the largest musical instruments manufacturing company ‘D’Addario’ died on June 14 in her home. She was 72 years old and was battling cancer for two years. She was the wife of D’Addario’s owner Jim D’Addario. “She died due to the complications from gall bladder cancer,” said her husband Jim […]

Scientists have discovered a new species of frog in the slopes of Ecuadorian Andes and named it after the English rock band, Led Zeppelin. This Pristimantis led zeppelin aka Led Zeppelin’s Rain Frog was discovered by scientists David Brito-Zapata and Carolina Reyes-Puig. “The name honours Led Zeppelin and their extraordinary music,” the two researchers said […]

Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd turns down a massive offer of the huge amount of money from Facebook to use Pink Floyd’s 1979 song “Another Brick in the Wall”, Pt 2 for an Instagram advertisement. At a pro-Julian Assange event, Roger said “It arrived in the morning, with an offer for a […]

Nepal’s singing nun Ani Choying Drolma’s foundation has contributed two oxygen concentrators to the ten different hospitals in Karnali Province in alliance with Prarambha Foundation. They have also helped with necessary medical equipment for many health sectors since the first Covid wave. Ani Choying Drolma Foundation has conducted various charitable shows to assist in the […]

‘Parelima’ song of 1974 AD band has crossed 2M+ on Youtube. The song was penned by Manoj Kumar KC and Phiroj Shyangden. Phiroj Shyangden has given his magical voice to the song with the beautiful music composition by Manoj Kumar KC. Parelima is a song from the album ‘Samjhi Baschhu’ of 1974 AD, first released […]

Legendary singer Deep Shrestha has finally recovered from Covid-19 and has been discharged from the hospital. He was admitted to HAMS hospital in Dhumbarahi after being diagnosed with Covid and was undergoing treatment. After two weeks of hospitalization, he is finally back home. Shrestha was cherished by the hospital doctors and staffs by singing his […]

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