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“Rai is King” Rajesh Payal Rai is once again bringing a new song in a different language than Nepali. He has recently teased the audience with a short clip of his new Assamese song “Moi Moromot Diya Kotha Khon” on Monday, December 7. The singer has already sung songs in Dumi, Chamling, Bantawa, Bhojpuri, Japanese, […]

The very talented singer with a melodious voice, Melina Rai has released her own creation of a song called “Ek Din”. The gifted singer uploaded the song from her own YouTube channel which has 308 thousand subscribers. As said earlier, the song has the lyrics, music and vocal of Rai. Similarly, a talented contemporary arranger […]

Most Loved Contestant Of Nepal Idol Season 1, Sagar Ale Magar has recently released a song on ethnic Magar tune “Sirani Mayako Hata” with Shanti shree. The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel of Music Eye on Dec 5,2020. The song consists of a music video of people dancing very beautifully wearing ethnic Magar dresses […]

The UK-based Nepali rapper Yodda aka Shanam Gurung started his musical journey in 2011 with his debut single “Malai Baal”. The literal Nepalese translation of Yodda is ‘warrior’ which captures and defines Yodda’s style of art, the substance of his songs, and the essence of his inspiration as a rapper. he has collaborated with many […]

Mackiller, Pokhara based Alternative Rock Band which consists of Roshan Gurung (vocal/guitar), Albin Pariyar aka De’ Elvin (Guitar), Safal Pariyar (Drum), and Rabin Gurung(Bass). The band has released their debut music video “farkera aaidiye” as a comeback of the band after 6 years of hiatus. The band had pre-announced the release through their social media accounts a […]

The singers, Rajesh Ghimire and Melina Rai have released a new song “Sararara” on Saturday, December 5. The song contains the lyrics by Ektaare (Sabin) and Saroj Pariyar. The singer Ghimire has worked on music and song production. Similarly, Pradeep Joshi has done the mixing and the mastering of it. The song features the musical […]

One of the talented youngsters in singing, Sagar Ale Magar has lent his voice for a new song “Sirani Mayako Haat” which was revealed on Friday, December 4. The singer Shanti Shree Pariyar has accompanied him on the vocals. The song has the lyrics and the music by Suresh Rana Magar. Similarly, Kamal Saurag has […]

Sarala aye Sarala Yesai gari maya gara la… Nishan Bhattarai, first runner-up of Nepal Idol season 1 is back with his other love song “SARALA“. Chorus Vocal:- Sandhya budha Sarangi:- Hemanta Kanchha Rasaily Flute:- Ranta B.K Direction:- Bikash Subedi Mixing / Mastering:- Ashok Maharjan The lyrics of this song were written by Pralad Shah and the […]

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