Shirish Dali, born in 1983 is a vocalist and a guitarist of Nepal’s most popular rock band Albatross. He is married to Anna Vaverko at the age of 26 and now he is a father of two daughters. At present, Dali is doing music with his band as well as a small side business of […]

Roshan Sharma, one of Nepal’s finest guitarists is a Guitar Guru to many music enthusiasts. He is also the incredible MohanVeena player and has been a pupil of a Grammy Award Winner Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. He is a founding member of a Dharan based rock band ‘Urjaa’, also a member of Dubai based Nepali […]

Dev Rana is the iconic drummer in the history of Nepali Music. Rana was born in Malaysia on June 18, 1952, but raised in Palpa, Nepal. He went back to Malaysia for his study in British School. During his teenage, he became more attracted to extracurricular activities. He got into a drama squad and participated in […]

It has been almost three years and Nirvana Bista, aged 18, still holds the title for the fastest guitar player in the world. His name went down in history on May 2nd, 2015 for having played the orchestral interlude: Flight of the Bumbleebee  piece, originally by Rimsky Korsakov , at a mindblowing tempo of 1600 BPM. Nirvana Bista, […]

    Sandhya Joshi was one of the best contestants of the show. She reached up to top 9 in the singing reality show and got eliminated. Hailing from Dhangadi in western Nepal. She is already a popular cover artist in YouTube. She does famous cover version of Nepali and English Songs. She has a got […]

LeoAries is an electro rock group comprising of Abhisekh S. Mishra (ASM,Spirit X )-vocalist and Bibek Tamang-drummer.(Anuprastha, ex-Underside). LeoAries is a voyage into new galaxies for them. They are very talented behind the scene musicians of Nepal. “Our music doesn’t have any genre, just like we have no claim on this earth. And just like […]

Anish Sapkota is the vocalist/ Guitarist as well as the founder member of Okely band.  He is also known as Anish Okely. He has been in Nepali music industry since 1989. So far Anish  has done 5 albums and is currently working on “Kathmandu Rhythm” since 2011. His hits numbers and composition are: Meri Okely, […]

Cover songs are songs of an artist/band covered by an individual in his/her own way and style.Nowadays making cover songs has emerged out as a trend in Nepali youngsters. The cover songs have become a tool to exhibit their talents. Some remark that some cover songs turn out to be better than the original, while […]

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