Brushy is a Jamaican street singer having a resonant acoustic guitar. Surprisingly, the guitar contains only one string. He was not known until he met filmmaker Blotta, so on, he was named as’ Brushy One String’. The veteran musician evokes the sweetness of soul singers like Percy Sledge and Louis Armstrong, the grit and wit of Delta bluesmen, all woven together with a Jamaican pulse and ingenuity.

The story behind single stringed guitar was until the point that Brushy had a dream, a fantasy in which he was advised to play the one-string guitar. Shaken, he revealed to a few companions, who jeered, however one demanded it was destiny, and that he needed to influence that fantasy to work out. Regardless of being from the poor family, this person has the genuine ability in singing.

‘Chicken in the Corn’ is one of hit song of Brushy One String. This video has already achieved 15million perspectives on Youtube. In this video, there is no other music than the music from his one stringed guitar, yet at the same time is staggering. Watch the official video and enjoy it!

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