In popular music, cover songs are the new performance or recording of a previously recorded, commercially released song by someone other than the original artist or composer. Cover versions could be released as an effort to revive the song’s popularity among younger generations of listeners after the popularity of the original version has long since declined over the years. On occasion, some covers can become more popular than the original.

In context of Nepal, Cover acts or bands performs a broad variety of crowd-pleasing cover songs for audiences who enjoy the familiarity of hit songs. Such bands draw from current popular songs and/or those of previous decades to provide nostalgic entertainment in bars, on cruise ships and at such events as weddings, family celebrations and corporate functions.

Here given video is a great classic performance of ‘Birata Ko Chino’ by one of the greatest Nepali artist – Phiroj Shyangden. This song made every one of the fixings that helps us to remember sacrifice made by our brave precursors and our obligation regarding our motherland. This song was originally made by Nepali legend singer – Narayan Gopal.

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