The Nepalese army is popular in the whole world as Gurkha army. They are renowned in the world for their bravery. Gurkhas are the solider of Nepali nationality. Army of Nepali nationality are recruited all over the world. People of Nepalese origin serving the British army, Singapore army,french army, Indian army,etc are all termed as the Gurkha army.They are known for their heroic act in the world at times of war. “It is better to die than be a coward” is the motto of Nepalese Gurkha army. They are one of the most finest and most feared army in the world.

Everyone feared the Gurkha army during the Second World war. Greman chancellor Hitler once said, “Give me the Gurkha Army and I will conquer the world!!”. Historically, the terms “Gurkha” and “Gorkhali” were synonymous meaning “Pahadi” and derived from the hill town and district of Gorkha.

Here is one patriotic song praising the Bir Gorkhalis by Vajra Band.Enjoy and keep supporting Nepali Music.