Bikki Gurung Back With Soulful Melodious Number “Aaja Samma”

Bikki Gurung is one of the most loved names among the new artist. He is a NewYork based Nepalese singer, musician, and songwriter. He is mostly known for his heartbreaking tragic songs with relatable lyrics and soulful voice, which is mostly admired by the youths. This self-taught artist started his musical journey professionally in 2015, releasing “Kewal“. Yet, kept releasing unstoppable songs after that. “Mari Jau”  is his most loved song among all which has more than 16M views on YouTube.

Bikki is now back with his eagerly awaited, signature tragic love song “Aaja Samma“. Which straight flows throughout your soul and makes you completely lost for the moment. The lyrics and music video of the song is so realistic that it will make your heartache and miss somebody even if you are single or never had a heartbreak.

The song was under the production of Storenutter and ClassX Presentation who also took responsibility for mixing and mastering the song with the collaboration of KobidBazra.

Gaurav Tamang, Sudin Bajracharya, Shashank Thapa, Pritika Shrestha, Nisseem Joshi Shrestha, and Nirvan Karkee Were on the production team for the music video.

Kewal” is Bikki Gurung‘s debut song

Mari Jau” His most viewed song on YouTube

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