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Krity Sharma


Tribal Rain Live At Lord Butwal This New Year

Celebrate your New Year with this band from Sikkim  at Lord Butwal  Tribal Rain...

Charlie Puth- Hilarious Released

Charlie Puth Drops New Song “That’s Hilarious” and It’s No Joke That’s Hilarious” takes...

On Air With Sanjay With Amrit Gurung

Sanjay Silwal Gupta’s official audio-video bilingual podcast, ON AIR, covers a wide range of...

Pink Floyd Reunites For Ukraine Protest Song

Pink Floyd has reassembled for the first time in 28 years to record a...

‘Hami Chai Hereko Herei ~More Than Just A Viral Song

‘Hami Chai Hereko Herei’ is more than just a viral sensation. The lyrics reflect...

Bluess-La.La.La~ Now On 10M Gang

Bluess-La.La.La  ft. Lil Budhha and Vten reaches a milestone of 1oM views on youtube....

Sacar Back At It Again~ Yet Again A New Song By Sacar

Sacar has been dropping songs back to back lately. He has again released a...

Monkey Temple ~Mero Maya premiering Today at 7 PM

Nepali and Monkey Temple is released  a new song ‘Mero Maya’ today 7 pm. ...
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