iwas Gurung is a popular and an extremely talented musician of our country. His unique and exciting compositions has enabled him gather huge respect and fan base following. Born and raised in Kathmandu Diwas actually earns a degree in Economics from Ithaca University, Us where he along with some other fellows formed the Ayurveda band-a progressive rock band. Currently, he resides in Brooklyn, NY. 

Diwas Gurung has recorded and released a solo album“Rato Mato” and and two EP’s named “Adhunique” and “Jharana Sahar”. He also has been engaged with two joint projects Photoreal (with Dan Halperin) and The Rungs(with his beloved wife Mady Gurung). 

Watch him covering Asare Mahina Ma originally by Chujan Dukpa. 



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