First Nepalese Band to be featured on MTV South Asia and a familiar name in Nepal’s Rock music scene today, Monkey Temple comprises of Sareen Deoja (vocals), Dipesh Shrestha (guitars), Jenish Maharjan (bass) and Pratap Risal (drums), all of whom hail from Kathmandu. Although the band is mostly categorized as an alternative rock outfit, the current band members contend that their newly released album “Shades of Grey” should introduce the listeners to hints of “experimental” and “progressive” elements as well.

They recorded their first full-length album “Black Bee & the Flower” in 2001, which helped them win a niche of supporters and create a unique identity in Kathmandu’s rock music scene. Sareen, the vocalist, has written and composed most of the songs in the album with meaningful lyrics that primarily talk about the mystery and the inevitable ‘ups and downs’ of life.

Here’s a music video of Monkey Temple’s old song titled as ‘Samaya’ released recently. Check it out!

Written & Composed by Sareen Deoja

Studio works on this particular song Vocals – Sareen Deoja
Acoustic Guitar/Guitar – Prawol Bhattarai
Drums – Pratap Risal
Bass – Bijay Shrestha