Assuming an imperative part in the field of Nepali melodic industry since a lingering session, Sanjeev Singh has discharged his eleventh collection entitled ‘Gorakhpur Rail’. Stereo record has made accessible this collection from this Monday.

He has embedded his own oath in the collection. The collection comprises of five songs. They are each titled by ‘Gorakhpur Rail,’ Anteem Geet’ ,’ Kalakaar ko Balatkaar’, ‘Yo Haawale’ and ‘Samjhana Aayee Rahyo’.Sanjeev Singh has recorded all songs of his collection at 58 Tunes, Anamnagar, Kathmandu. They were altogether recorded by Manik Man Singh and Surajlal Joshi.

These tunes were mixed by Surajlal Joshi.Vocalist Singh has likewise included music recordings of the tune ‘Gorakhpur Rail’, alongside the single collection. Milan Mishra and Arpuna Ranabhat have acted in the given music video coordinated by Netra Jung Pandey. Suresh Raut has altered the video highlighted by Binod KC. These recordings were made by The Golden Times in Brisbane, Australia.

Before his new collection ‘Gorakhpur Rail’, his single collections were ‘Aakash Bata’, ‘Soul’, ‘Best Of Sanjeev Singh’, ‘Chose Sanjeev’, ‘Unplugged’, ‘Chose Sanjeev Singh’, ‘Muglan’, ‘Maichyang Jyaanmaara’ and ‘Timi Ra Ma’.