Pramod Kharel is one of the prominent and versatile singers of Nepal. Born on 6 November, 1979 to mother Bishnu Sharma kharel and father Balabhadra Kharel Pramod has sung more than 2000 songs including gazals, pop, modern and numerous movie songs. He has been in the music industry for more than 16 years and has performed live shows in different countries like USA, Canada, Isarel, South Korea, Japan,etc. He has also been awarded with numerous awards and is currently a coach in he Voice of Nepal Season 2. 

Pramod is not only a good singer but a very mimicry artist as well. Here is a clip of him mimicing several national and international artists : Prem Dhoj Pradhan, Sugam Pokharel, Ram Krishna Dhakal, Shaan, Himesh Resham