With just three finalist left, the heat in Nepal Idol has definitely peaked up. As we head nearer and nearer to choosing our Idol, the competition is getting tougher and tougher.  3 best voices of the country on a quest of winning the biggest singing competition ever organized in Nepal. We must say all three of the contestant are as sharp as a knife and have all the qualities that an Idol should have. They only differ by an inch or so. But unfortunately there can be only one idol. Of course some are better than others and that’s the way it goes in life. So, it is the public who have been assigned the task of choosing the best voice of our country and their very first idol.

Here is a clip of Pratap Das wonderfully singing late Sunil Bardewa’s finest compostions- Goreto Ani Ustai Cha Galli in the finale performance-36th episode. A tribute to late Sunil Bardewa. May his departed soul rest in peace.