Everything around us is  stuffed with goods imported from some other countries of the world. The electronic gadget you are currently using,the guitar you recently plugged in, the colth you are wearing, the toothpaste you use, the perfume you recently sprayed on and probably even the food you recently ate were all imported from some other country. Excessive rely on imported stuffs has caused our economy to lag far behind. Goods of different international brands predominate our Nepalese Market.

But did you know that something as complicated as an electric guitar is made in Nepal. Probably not but a group named “Sahana Guitars” does this incredible job standing as one of the only two guitar crafters in Nepal(with Sunny Tuladhar’s ST Custom Guitar being the other).



Established in 2013 on the initiative of Sagun Bhattarai (the owner of the company), Sahana Guitars craft high quality superior tone guitars here in Nepal.Materials needed for the craftmanship that are by no means available here in Nepal are imported from foriegn countries. However, everything else than that is locally available goods and materials. They use Nepali wood and craftmanship and even wind their own pickups as well. ” All the pick ups on our guitar are made by ourself-high quality hand wound custom pick ups. We have a wide array of materials imported from which we can make our own signature tone. We have jazz pujari set, blues pujari set, rock pujari set, metal pujari set and the beauty and beast set on our pickup list. ” says Apurwa Rayamajhi, the salesperson of the company.


So, if you want to get your adrenaline flowing ripping through a searing lead or perhaps a chunky rhythm nothing’s quite like a hand crafted Sahana guitar. You can visit them at their stores at Star Mall, Putalisadak and order for a custom guitar that best suits your taste or choose a popular guitar model you like-Lespaul, Iceman, PRS,etc. as a cheaper alternative to the original ones but with no or very less compromise in quality.

Here is how one of their original Nyauli Guitar sounds like!!

You can see more of them at their official youtube channel- Sahana Guitars: