Anthem of Nepali music lover, “K Maya Lagchha Ra?” by Nishan Bhattarai and Eleena Chauhan has gathered so much attention within this month. The song has crossed 10M views on YouTube, which is crazy. Utilizing the craziness of the song among the fan. Nishan Bhattarai has uploaded the Public Service Announcement clip on his YouTube channel about the importance of washing hands in an association with USAID, UNICEF Nepal, and NHEICC.

1:11 minutes long video includes the same cast members Surabina Karki and Mukun Bhusaas. The song replaces its original lyrics “k maya lagchha ra?” to “K Haat Dhunchhau Ra?” and video try to teach us about maintaining distance, not forgetting to wear a mask, etc. Overall it is too fun to listen and informational at the same time.

Listen to the original version “K Maya Lagchha Ra?” if you haven’t till now.