Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines, using one’s mouth, tongue, lips and voice. From the outside, beatboxing is just about making sounds, beats, and rhythms only using the mouth, but it has become a lot more than that. Beatboxing is a work of art of self-articulation that pulls individuals from everywhere throughout the world together.

It is an all inclusive language for a regularly developing and fantastically different network of craftsmen who always grow new styles and crisp procedures. Obviously creating beats with the mouth isn’t only a contrivance or a pastime, yet a way of life, culture and a genuine work of art.

Yes, beatboxing really create connection between two individuals and that’s why this couple have bounded an unique chemistry between each other. Video shows Trung Bao and Chiwawa, a love couple, who are enjoying beatbox battle with each other. The talent they displayed challenging each other is really amazing, a very unique presentation than any other couples have shows.
Check out the video and enjoy: