Meet Li-sa-X, a 12 Year Old Japanese Girl Who Can Shred Guthrie Govan Stuff. The little girl offered a cover of Polyphia track “Aviator,” to demonstrate her skills. Li-sa already garnered some online attention with some of her previous covers, which even resulted with a personal message from Paul Gilbert, along with an invitation for free online lessons from the man.

Liu Pinxi aka ‘Yoyo’ was born in Hubei Province, China on the 12th of December 2006. Currently, ten years old. Yoyo first started music studies by taking classical guitar lessons at the age of six. After just one year of practice, she moved on to the electric guitar.

Most of the grown up people even don’t know how to play guitar but this kid have taken her talent into new level. Here’s a video of some clips of unbelievable guitar played by them. Check it out!