Nishan Bhattarai is one of the talented contests of the Nepal idol. He has already proved himself as one of the greatest singer with awesome voice and good performance. His way of singing style and voice are so beautiful, powerful and matured. Even the judges of Nepal Idol are shocked to hear him singing so fluently and confidently. The way he sings and his performance are awesome.

Recently in the 30th episode (performance day) of the first season Nepal Idol 2017 which was broadcasted yesterday from AP1 TV. In this episode the contestants have to sing a song that was given by the judges or we can say this is the judge’s challenge round as well.

Nishan sang song called ‘Pareli Ma Lukai Rakhana’ of 1974 AD. This song was given him to sing by Judge Nhyoo Bajracharya. Nishan sang a song very beautifully and he fairly accepted the challenge given by Nhyoo Bajracharya.
His performance/singing was over the audiences stand on their position and started to applause him and shouted once more. The audiences were shouting ‘once more’, ‘once more’ repeatedly which proves that how beautifully he stand over the challenge of judge. Enjoy..!!!