Albatross, a Nepali rock band has released their new solo “Suchana! Suchana!! Suchana!!!”.After almost a year, they have released a new song. The video is produced by Brikshya Production where it tries to convey the message of loss of humanity. The song is now trending on Youtube. According to the frontman Shirish Dali, they will be donating all their earnings from this song to the Hami Nepal organization helping for COVID relief.

Albatross’s “Suchana” can be downloaded from the Noodle app at Rs 150. Their upcoming songs are on the line and will be releasing soon one by one. They will soon be compiling all their latest releases and make it an album.

Albatross is a Nepali rock band formed in 1998 which has set a landmark in Nepali music history. They have recorded and released four albums to date. Their biggest hits are Bhool, Ma ra malai, Sacred, Nischal, Khaseka Tara, Timi Bhane.