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Namaskar! Nepali E-Chords Ma Swagat Chha!

nepal-flagHello! Welcome to Nepali E-Chords – the first guitar site to offer comprehensive guitar lessons of popular Nepali songs online, and that too without any cost whatsoever. Although majority of the guitar lessons here are suitable for students of all skill levels, the beginners and intermediate students will probably find these lessons more useful.

guitarLessons are well thought through and “cherry picked” to embrace multiple generations and music tastes. If you prefer pre 90s “adhunik” music, you will find lessons on Narayan Gopal, Arun Thapa, Deep Shrestha, Deepak Kharel etc. If you grew up with the modern “pop” culture, there are plenty of lessons on popular Nepali bands with the likes of 1974 AD, Nepathya, The Axe, Anuprastha to name a few. So no matter what music era you belong to and what music taste you prefer, there are many quality lessons available for everyone.

In addition to the video lessons, there are also Guitar Tabs available to make your guitar learning experience more enjoyable. If you are looking for an inspiration or tips from the professionals, make sure to check out the exclusive interviews with your favorite guitar idols in Guitarists section. You can also interact and share ideas with fellow guitarists through the Discussion Board.

How did it start?

It all started in April 2013 with “Gurasai Fulyo” lesson. Although there was no initial plan for expansion beyond that one lesson, the overwhelming support from the viewers made it difficult not to. The channel was given a name of “Nepali E-Chords” soon after, and more lessons were made available in a frequent basis. By the time the first anniversary was commemorated, the channel had already established itself as the most prominent destination among the Nepali guitar enthusiasts. Nepali E-Chords has not looked back since and continued to grow in every dimension as the love, support and encouragement pour in from all corners of the world.

What’s next?

In its early days, the lessons were solely focused on teaching popular Nepali songs; a very few, if any, emphasis was actually given in teaching a guitar itself. However, with an ever-growing participation from beginners, a need was soon felt to make lessons available for beginners. Although “Shikaru” series was introduced in the form of beginner’s lessons to fill that void to a certain extent, there is still a lot of room for improvement left in this department. More progressive “Shikaru” lessons will be added going forward to help beginners, including the ones with no prior guitar experience, to learn guitar through Nepali E-Chords.


  1. Dai.. first of all i love u and ur lesson….i m Gp nepali guitar lesson , you can find me in youtube…i m just beginner still i try to give some of them which may be not perfect as well…. i m inspire from you dai…plz forgive me if i give some wrong lesson…..love u amd miss u….

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