Abhaya and The Steam Engines announce the release date of their new song “Chha Mero Aru Sansar”

One of the popular bands in Nepal, Abhaya and The Steam Engines, formerly known as Abhaya and The Steam Injuns, has announced the release date of the song “Chha Mero Aru Sansar”. The band had revealed the title for the song a few days ago. The song is set to release on the 17th of August.

The band began its musical pursuit on January 2, 2003, playing live gigs in hotels and lounge bars. It was an acoustic blues band before it registered its name on the rock genre. The band was founded by the lead singer Abhaya Subba, who was joined by the lead guitarist Rinchen Palzar in early 2004. Likewise, Abhaya Subba discovered another guitarist Nabin Lama while judging a reality show “The Sprite Band Challenge” in 2008. In the mid-2009, the bassist Birat Shrestha and the drummer Ajit Tamang joined the band.

Abhaya and The Steam Engines released their last song “Ho Ki Hoina” 9 months ago. The song was preceded by Hawa Huree, Nagarana, Sakdina, etc. The band’s “Timro Lagi Sara Sansar” might be the most popular song by it. However, their song “Hawa Huree” has also been popular and has recorded more than 1.8M views on YouTube currently.

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