“Belief/Faith” as the name suggests Aastha Tamang Maskey is truly a light of hope and faith in Nepali Music Industry. Being one of the youngest female singer and songwriter she is also a sound engineer by profession. She did her graduation in Toronto,Canada from the Independent Music Production program at Toronto’s Seneca College (2008) and the Audio Engineering Program at the Harris Institute of Toronto (2011). She started writing music from an early age of 14.She has released her debut album titled “Sabai Thikai Huncha” in 2009 (Kathmandu), and came out with her second Nepali album “Ma Ek Sapana” in June,2012.

“Gotta be love”, “jhutyo satya”, “ghaam ko sano tukra”, “khula aakash”,”muskuraera”,etc are some of her greatest hits. She has also been awarded with numerous musci awards. “Jhuto Satya” received a nomination for “Best Rock Vocal Performance” on Image Awards 2009. She was also awarded with the “Best Pop Female Vocalist” award at Radio Kantipur’s Music Honours in 2010.

Aastha’s mother Susan Maskey is equally a charming singer as well. Watch the mother-daughter duo covering Bhailini song. Enjoy…

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