Ani Choying Drolma’s Official Lyrical Video Of “Mitho Muskan”

Phool Ko Aakha Ma, singer Ani Chyoing Drolma who is also known for her title Rockstar Nun is back with another soulful songMitho Muskan“, along with its lyrical music video. With no doubt, every song of her makes us feel like we are in some monastery listening to some chants. Mitho Muskan is a song from her 2nd Nepali album smile which was published in 2005. Calming lyrics of the song were written by Durga Lal Shrestha, Who is also the lyricist of a number of other songs of Ani Choying along with her most popular song, Phool Ko Aakha Ma. The soothing melody to the song was added by Nhyoo Bhajracharya, who gives music to almost every song of Drolma.


Ani Choying is best known for her breakthrough single ‘Phulko aankha ma’. Even though she has a larger fan base internationally for her mesmerizing chants. Over the past 20 years, she has produced more than a dozen albums and performed in concerts all over the world.

Her singing talent was first discovered by the famous American guitarist Steve Tibbetts, during his visit to Nagi Gompa and eventually recorded much of the Tibetan music with Ani Choying on two albums Cho and Selwa. Her songs and original music has also appeared on various albums, including “Head Massage” by Soul Flip, BMG company, and the “Buddha Bar” compilation by George V Company in France.

All of the money raised through Ani’s performances and CD sales go directly to the Nuns Welfare Foundation of Nepal. In 2014, Drolma was made Nepal’s first UNICEF national ambassador.

Her latest song was “Matkala“, which is written in the Newari language.



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