Mantra is a band form Darjeeling. It was formed as a three man band in 2000 AD with Praggya on lead guitars, Bishal on drums and Pravash on bass. Later Vaskar Dewan-the lead vocalist joined followed with Manish Thapa as a keyboardist and Bidhan on the flute. “Timi Bina” was their first single.
Inspired by the Nepali rock bands like Robin and The New Revolution, Mukti and Revival, 1974 AD the band released their first self titled album Mantra in the year 2003. Their second album was “Rock yatra” released in the year 2005, followed by “Himali Nepali” in the year 2006.

Here is a beautiflu cover on Mantra’s popular number Aakasaima by Jr Rai. Enjoy…

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