Neetesh Jung Kunwar, one of the emerging singer/songwriter/composer who is now in our hearts with his right-to-the-point lyrics and songs. Before he became famous, he had a guitar he knew how to sing really well. He knew what he had to do, and he knew music was for him. With a self-pictured situation of no one liking him and his music, he sat inside his room for more than three months. Singing inside the room itself and nowhere out, he confined it to be his routine. Realization hits everyone, at very exact time and it hit him too. He decided to go online at the beginning and well, here he is.

One particular moment we all know, one particular song of Neetesh Jung Kunwar, we’ve all heard. ‘Gedai Jasto Jindagi’. This is the song that he considers got him acquainted with much larger public. He explains he wrote this song for a common Nepali guy, without girlfriend, without success, without experiences of foreign lands whilst his friends and relatives are doing all those.

Listening to cassette player from his father, reggae music and country music were common to him. He grew up listening to songs from that era, wondering how well composed those songs could be. His father playing guitar always fascinated him. He grew up with his guitar skills, passed to him by his father. That is when he started his journey.

“As a teenager, I was a hyperactive kid. I often acted without thinking. I was very proud of my friends, my motorcycle gang. Once I got into a bad fight. I started beating a guy without thinking twice. Sometime later, when I was all by myself during a dark night, I got attacked from behind. All I could feel was bricks everywhere. The worst was yet to come.” said Neetesh Jung Kunwar.

In this video, you can see Mr. Neetesh Jung Kunwar sharing his story at The StoryYellers Session 11. Listen how his teenager life went on.