One of the most popular, highly acclaimed and evergreen folk rock band of Nepal: Nepathya, have come up with a new music video of their song  Aaganai Bhari – Nepathya’s first song to be recorded digitally. 

Aaganai Bhari counts among one of the most well received songs of the band. It is also the opening track of their first album: Nepathya and is often considered as the first official song of Nepathya. The album was officially released back on 1st of April, 1993. The current video is based on a live track performed by the current band members of Nepathya. It also features some pictures of Nepathya back from the old days. The live audio is from Nepathya’s Butwal show of 25th February 2017. The visuals used are from Nepathya ‘s open air live performances in Kalika School – Butwal, Tundikhel – Kathmandu and Pokhara Stadium.

Have a look at the music video here: