Medley Events and Media Presents Mukti & Revival live at The Windbell Restro and lounge this new year eve.

Mukti Shakya (main member of Mukti N’ Revival) was born and brought up in Kathmandu. He was interested in music since his early age he was deeply influenced by western music. He fell so much in love with guitar that he spent all day and night playing it and making music in it.

Before the 80’s Mukti got involved with many band like “The Elegance” and “Radium”. He then went to Spain and also got married with a Spanish girl, Mary. After 90’s he returned back to Nepal and formed his own band which turned out to be the greatest blues rock band of the country- “The Mukti and Revival”.

On this eve of New Year, Mukti& Revival will be performing at The Windbell Restro and lounge. The restaurant is located at Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal. The time will start from evening 7pm till 2am in the morning.

Don’t miss out to enjoy the delicious food with the legend band – Mukti & Revival performing. Lace your shoes and get ready to enjoy the New Year’s Eve.

Nepali E-Chords wish you a happy new year and a great time there.