Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine talked in an interview with Jamey Jasta and inquired as to whether he’d ever complete a hip-hop coordinated effort. He stated:

“I would never do that with Megadeth. I wouldn’t see any problems with playing on other person’s record, however Megadeth has been kept unadulterated which is as it should be.

Furthermore, we’re not going to do a ‘Lulu,’ [Metallica album with Lou Reed] we’re not going tomake a mash-up, we’re not going to do anything like that. We’re going to go on experimentation with the four of us.”

He likewise clarified his musings about all the lineup changes in Megadeth. He stated:

“It’s no fun replacing musicians. It’s hard on the grounds that, alongside replacing the person and the band, you usually end up having the personality loss. Also, seldom do folks leave on good terms.

Marty [Friedman] had a mental meltdown and he quit. Also, I remember, it resembled ‘Did I do this?’ And [David] Ellefson has let me know sometime later everything that was going ahead with Marty before that happened, so I’m exceptionally glad to know it wasn’t me. What’s more, a lot of the other guys when you have to let them go – you know, it’s really hard to fire somebody and remain friends with them.

Lamentably we needed to let some folks go. It’s not beacuse I don’t love them and it’s not on account of they’re bad. This is on the grounds that what our vision was not a common objective any longer.

I mean there were a few circumstances where one guy called up my fiancee and said ‘I fantasize about being with you when I’m with my girlfriend.’ And I thought ‘Oh, you’re fired.'”