Evan Le was born on May 31, 2011 in Torrance, California. Born to Vietnamese American parents who do not have any background in music, Evan’s musical journey was not planned.

Evan started playing with his toy keyboard at his early age. When Evan’s love for music became too apparent, the toy keyboard was replaced by an electric piano. Almost immediately he became obsessed with the piano and spent much time playing it. By the time Evan was three, he was able to listen to simple nursery rhymes and play very similar tunes on the piano, at first with one hand and then with both.

Besides having perfect pitch, Evan reads and memorizes music pieces incredibly fast. In addition, his ability to compose has amazed everyone.

Evan loves to compose. Even before he started piano lessons, he would come to the piano many times during the day and play his own tunes with both hands. Whenever he wanted to show his piano skills to others he always insisted on playing his own music rather than music pieces he’s learned. This passion to create continues to this day!

Here’s a beautiful and amazing performance by Evan Le. He is really a talented kid. Check out the video and enjoy: