Green Day made a kid’s night when they welcomed him in front of an audience to perform with the band amid their show in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Sporting bright green hair, a child fan named Grant jumped in front of a stage during the band’s cover of Operation Ivy’s ‘Knowledge’, and within hours, turned into a internet sensation for his energetic guitar strums.

Lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong instructed the chords he wanted Grant to play before handling over the guitar and adjusting the strap.

Next, Billie Joe drove the little rockstar down the catwalk to the front of the stage where together they belted out the lyrics, “Whatcha going to do with yourself/Boy better decide.”

Many fans noted it wasn’t the first time Green Day had brought an audience member on stage to perform. One fan wrote on Facebook, “Seen him do a similar thing in Bakersfield ca around 10 yrs ago or so!!…Brought a young lady up and put her on bass, a child on drums and another youngster on guitar!! Extremely cool! Awesome band!”

Once the performance was finished, Billie Joe gave the little person the credit he so plainly deserves.

“You can play, man!” he praised him.

However, the best part? Give got the opportunity to KEEP the guitar!

The clip has more than 14 million views, with a huge number of Facebook shares including one by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who captioned it, “Just try not to smile.”

Watch the video below and enjoy: