5 Nepali Songs that can really Improve your Guitar Playing

1.Gurasai fulyo (1974 AD) 

This song has really enough guitar techniques to improve your playing. It has got hammer on and pull offs, alternate picking and pretty straight forward chord positions scale which will surely help you to memorize and improvise on other chord progression. 

2. Audai jadai

This song has got one of the most easiest and powerful solo ever. This song can really train your ears. It’s melodious solo can hypnotize and make you feel it. In music it’s all about the feel. When you feel it great music comes out your guitar. 

3.Taal ko pani

Taal ko pani is one of the all time favorite song in Nepali Music. It has got all the hardest techniques which is necessary.

Hammer on and pull offs, alternated picking, sweep picking, ascending and descending,slide. Besides this even playing rhythm on this song can be a nightmare to some people.   

4.Hidda hiddai

If you wanna learn some scale run on the fret board then this song can be your favorite song for practice. The intro solo of this song can really make your finger run over the fret board. 

5.Ritu haru ma timi

This song is totally different than other songs. Have u ever wished to play rhythm and piece on the same time..? If so then you must practice this song to improve your guitar playing.