A one-man band is a musician who plays a number of instruments simultaneously using their hands, feet, limbs, and various mechanical and/or electronic contraptions. The simplest type of “one-person band” — a singer accompanying themselves on acoustic guitar and harmonica mounted in a metal “harp rack” below the mouth — is often used by buskers.

More complicated setups may include wind instruments strapped around the neck, a large bass drum mounted on the musician’s back with a beater which is connected to a foot pedal, cymbals strapped between the knees or triggered by a pedal mechanism, tambourines andmaracas tied to the limbs, and a stringed instrument strapped over the shoulders (e.g., a banjo, ukulele or guitar).

Here’s an awesome performance by a one-man band using puppets. Really, what a multitalented guy! Enjoy the video below: