Sarad Shrestha has recently come up with his single- Silverline on YouTube. The audio of the song, mixed by Aneel karki and recorded at Anil Studios, was released on YouTube via Sarad’s official YouTube channel –Sarad Shrestha (already on sound cloud earlier). 

Sarad Shrestha is a living legend of our music indsutry. He is currently involved in promising bands like Tumbleweed Inc.and Shree 3 band. A tall, fetching and versatile legendary guitarist known for his incredible improvisations and unparalleled guitar techniques – heard in songs like “Chiya Barima”, “Lukna Deu”, “Euta chiti” – has served Nepali guitar scene for decades and inspired countless young guitarists to follow his suit. Although mostly recognized by fans as “The Axe” man, Sarad has collaborated with many other national and international bands throughout his professional career.

 Have a look at the song here: