Fragments is an Extreme Progressive Metal band from Nepal possessing a technical and poly-rhythmic style in the music followed by some melodic and ambient elements. The band member consists of 5 members: Vocalist – Regan Awale, Drummer – Suzzeet Shrestha, Guitarist – Ritesh Tamang and Sunit Maharjan and Bassist – Kanchan Baskota.

Founded in 2013, this band plays only heavy metal which is most likely hard to find these genres around Nepal. Their uniqueness is displayed by the combination of two vocals to give their music a different taste. Since the formation, this band has composed three original songs: Divergence, Lucid and Artificial Intelligence.

As they are going to launch their new album ‘Angst’ at 16th December, they have already released a new music video entitled ‘Finding Answers’. Here’s the official music video of the song ‘Finding Answers’ below: