On 8th December, 37 years back, John Lennon was shot to death outside of his New York home by Mark David Chapman.

Take a moment to recall the former Beatle’s brightness with this video of him performing “Imagine”— one of his most continuing songs—at the ATV unique, A Salute to Lew Grade. It would turn out to be Lennon’s final live performance.

Several poems from Yoko Ono’s 1964 book ‘Grapefruit’ are said to have impacted Lennon’s lyrics for “Imagine,” which can be found on Lennon’s 1971 LP of a similar name. The album includes an all the more intensely created sound when contrasted with the straightforward courses of action of his previous album, ‘Plastic Ono Band’.

“Imagine” is the top rated single of Lennon’s solo career; it crested at Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Since its release, it has been performed by various artists, including Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Cee Lo Green and Train.

Here’s the video of John Lennon’s Last live performance, filmed at the “Salute to Lew Grade” on April 18, 1975. Check out below: