Sano Prakash is a very popular and well received song by the Atmoic Bush band.   

“Atomic Bush” was a progressive rock group/band formed in 2006 in Kathmandu. With Sunny Tuladhar (Guitar), Rajan Shrestha (Bass), Abhisek Bhadra (Keyboard), Bibhusan Basnet (Guitar/Vocalist), Alec Sciamma (Drum) as the members, the band was most famous for their epic progressive ballad ‘Sano Prakash’. They had recorded an EP titled ‘P Jam’ and were widely praised in the underground scene in Kathmandu. Some of their other songs are Unfiled, Dance The Night Away, Cool Corny, EG, Men At Work, Thai Chaina, etc.The band is currently inactive.

Here is a wonderful acoustic cover of the song by Adhyaya musical band. Have a look at the cover here: