Renowned singer/songwriter/guitarist/ Bipul Chettri,a bright star of our music industry who needs no introduction at all,  has come up with the promo video of his new upcoming single Gahiro Gahiro. The promo of the video, sponsored by Tuborg beer, was recently uploaded via Bipul’s official YouTube channe Bipul Chettri. The song is scheduled for a January 1 release targeting New Year 2018. 

“We finally have a release date for ‘Gahiro Gahiro’. We would like to thank all the lovely musicians who were part of this song Nawahineokala’i LanzilottiAman Kumar SinghRohit Prasanna , not to forget, our long time friend and engineer Anindo Bose and the uber talented Manohar Rai for the artwork. We would also like to extend our special thanks to Tuborg Beer who stepped in as our ‘Music Partner’ for this single. Hope you enjoy this short clip till the official release. Not too long a wait now. Thank you all.” says Bipul on Facebook. 

Have a look at the promo video here: