Jimi Hendrix’s new studio album, “Both Sides of the Sky”, will be released on Friday 9th March 2018, ten of the 13 songs on the record have never been released before.

All songs made in the vicinity of 1968 and 1970. John McDermott, one of the album’s co-producers, expressed his feelings:

“We are excited up for achieving that. We’ve likewise been determined to producing album releases which exhibit this astounding music in its legitimate setting.”

The collection will be released all the while on CD, digitally and as a limitedd, numbered two-LP set.

‘The two Sides of the Sky’ track-posting (* beforehand unreleased):

1. Mannish Boy*

2. Lover Man*

3. Hear My Train A Comin’*

4. Stepping Stone*

5. $20 Fine* (ft. Stephen Stills)

6. Power Of Soul

7. Jungle*

8. Things I Used to Do (ft. Johnny Winter)

9. Georgia Blues (ft. Lonnie Youngblood)

10. Sweet Angel*

11. Woodstock* (ft. Stephen Stills)

12. Send My Love To Linda*

13. Cherokee Mist*