Rise Promotions Presents Albatross performing live at Hong Kong for the first time.

Albatross was formed in late 1990s. It is one of the most popular bands in Nepal. It all began when a couple of guys joined hands came together with their rusted guitars and other old instruments to transcend the sound of Nepali Alternative music, each of which has significantly influenced the music which the band creates.

They have made their presence known nationally and internationally. With a huge influence among the current generation, Albatross is also popular among anyone who likes Nepali Contemporary Music.

Get ready to feel the Nepali Rock Music as Albatross will be performing in Kitec Hall, Music Zone (Kowloon Bay) live at 7th December, 2017. The performance will start from 8pm and ends at 10pm. Furthermore, opening act will be performed by Intellectual Morons.

Shuttle bus will be available every 10 minutes from the MTR Station Kowloon Bay.

Hurry up and be ready to rock the floor. Don’t miss out the chance to see their performance. Keep on supporting Nepali Music!!