Narayan Gopal Guruwacharya (October 4, 1939 – December 5, 1990) was a prominent popular singer and composer of Nepali music. Respected a standout amongst the significant cultural icons in Nepal, he is alluded as “Swar Samrat” in Nepali music. He is also called “Tragedy King” owing to his numerous tragedy songs.

His voice extend enabled him to sing melodies of each kind of Nepalese music. Regularly, his tunes were coordinated with the sitar, harmonium and woodwind. He was music director of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. He has a place with the original of Nepali artists who ended up noticeably proficient vocalists. Gopal is a standout amongst the most celebrated and persuasive performers of the twentieth century.

Here’s a song for Narayan Gopal on his tribute by Raju Maharjan, a member of Kutumba band. The video was edited by Niraj Maharjan. This band is considered as one of the finest and popular folk instrumental band of Nepal. Watch the video below and keep on supporting Nepali Music