Girish Khatiwada is the first Nepali Rapper known as ‘Godfather of Nepali Rap’. Girish Khatiwada introduced Nepali Hip Hop aka NepHop to Nepal in 1993 at the early age of 15. After releasing the first Nepali Hip Hop song titled ‘Meaningless Rap’ in a compilation album called ‘Talents-3‘, he was then introduced to Pranil Timalsena by his cousin. Girish and Pranil formed a R&B and HipHop duo called Girish-Pranil (G.P.) and released a full-length commercial album tiled ‘Meaningless Rap – the album’.

Jyovan Bhuju is one such popular YouTube artist. He does cover songs of popular songs and uploads them. He has uploaded more than 42 cover songs which are very much popular on YouTube. “Eh Kancha” is one of the best cover songs of Bhuju. The cover has got more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Here in this video, we can see the unplugged version of Nepali song ‘She is the Bomb’ by Girish Khatiwada featuring Jyovan Bhuju, originally by Girish and The Unity. Check out the video: