An opera singer has surprised judges on Spain’s Got Talent by covering AC/DC’s Highway to Hell after she stripped off her gown to reveal ripped pants and a corset.

Cristina Ramos, 37, displayed her impressive vocal abilities with opera to the panel of smiling judges on the reality television show, Loudwire reported. Unexpectedly, the guitar riff from the 1979 Australian rock anthem interrupted her performance less than a minute in. Ms Ramos at first acted confused while the judges looked around and appeared to wonder what was going on. The 37-year-old ripped off the bottom half of her formal gown to reveal ripped pants and corset to bust-out her cover of Highway to Hell. The judges remained wide-eyed and stunned throughout the performance, with one even jumping on the bench in front of them to kick his legs about excitedly. As expected, she advanced in the competition after one of the judges pressed the gold buzzer which showered Ms Ramos in gold confetti.

Check out the video below: