Legendary band Cobweb turns 25 .

The silver jubilee celebration of the legendary Cobweb was successfully carried out  last Saturday @ Tangalwood, Naxal. The concert venue at Naxal was jam packed with audiences where rock music lovers all over the town had shown up hundreds in number. The weather, although bone chilling, could not snuff out the enthusiasm from the busy air. The show, hosted by Sahana Bajracharya, inaugurated with the rocking performance by the Act Band followed by a compiled tribute video in which popular musicians like Mukti Shakya, Albatross, Nirakar Yakthumba, Sanjay Shrestha, Sabin Rai, Deepak Bajracharya and many more congratulated Cobweb for this amazing feat.  Then after, it all came down to Cobweb.The crowds went crazy as the legends appeared on the stage. They welcomed the band with a big round of applause. Everyone was screaming and shouting and very soon the rock stars, hoisted on the elevated platform, enthralled the audiences starting form one of their popular number: hidchu sadhai .


The band’s 25 years long enthusiasm and dedication seeped through the singer’s microphone as the strumming guitars, beating drums and pounding bass reverberated through the venue.The thunderous roar of Nilesh’s bass, Divesh Mulmi’s wonderful, evergreen voice along with Sanjay on the back vocals , the heart pounding beats of Siddhartha’s drums and the soul stirring melody of Gewali’s guitar made up the perfect ingredient to make the night a historic one.

Here is the full concert clip of Cobweb performing on stage on their very special occasion. Watch the full video here:

Cobweb Performing Live @ Tangalwood

The Act