Almoda Rana Uprety, a singer/musician is currently getting new heights of popularity in the Nepali music industry. His beautiful songs and compositions has made him a sensation among the audiences. Songs like pani paryo, kaile vetne khai, maya maya,dil ko vittaima,etc. are few to mention. Besides composing his own music, Almoda is also very much into covering songs. 

Here is a latest mashup cover of the songs Iswarale Bolaunu (from the movie Anyaya) and a hindi song Channa Mere Ya by Almoda ft. Mandira Lammichane. Songs Covers surely give a new rhythm and taste to songs. Unlike remixes where the songs are just wrapped in a new layer of beats, cover songs feature new artists who sing the same old song with a revived soul. Covers of songs thus have lately been a crucial part of music industry.Moreover, cover singers also do prevent the extinction of old songs. Times change, and so does the taste of people, and when a singer picks up the same old notes parallel to the current trends, a bridge forms between the old and the new and the songs keep floating in the air, around all of us, never getting lost into oblivion.

Have a look at this beautiful cover here: